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Helen Meredith Mummas and Beans Haslemere Baby/Postnatal Owner/Teacher

Having had my first child in June 2016, I was keen to get out of the house and meet other sleep deprived mums in the same boat! I came across Mummas & Beans classes and the Newborn course seemed like the perfect solution so we started attending when my little man was only a few weeks old. From the very first week I absolutely adored the whole ethos and environment of the class; It quickly became our favourite hour of the week leading me to sign us up for Baby Massage and the rest of the classes. The skills and friends I made during our classes provided me with so much knowledge and support during that crazy transition into motherhood  and gave me the confidence to really enjoy those early days & months. 

I knew I didn’t want to go back to my ‘9-5 corporate job’ so when I heared Mummas were looking to expand their group of teachers I jumped at the chance. The rest as they say, is history!

I feel honoured and immensely grateful that I now get to do a job that fits around my family, indulges my love of all things baby and best of all, supports and empowers other mums along their own journey. I truly believe that a Mummas class, at whatever stage you attend, is about so much more than the stimulation and development for your baby. It's a welcoming and warm environment that not only nurtures your baby's development at each stage but also supports you as a mum whether it's your first or your fifth baby! It truly is a dream job.

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Helen Johnson - Haslemere, Petworth & Midhurst Antenatal Teacher 

"I'm Helen, and I had my first child Hannah in October 2017.

I knew that during my pregnancy, I wanted to meet other mothers to be, and talk through any of my thoughts or questions while learning about what would happen over the coming months, giving birth and caring for my baby once she was born.

Being classed as an older mother (even though I'm just under 40!) and relatively new to our area, it was even more important for me to find out what was in store.

I had attended antenatal courses, and joined the Mummas and Beans group to attend the postnatal Newborn and Baby Massage courses.

I made some new Friends and gained some valuable information, and with those new friends knew I wouldn't be alone at 2am! The wonders of What's App...

I've enjoyed the new found mother in me, so we decided I wasn't going to go back to work full time and could concentrate on what is important to me.

In my career, I've always been one to plan ahead, and to be prepared, but I learned that in pregnancy or birth, things can change as you go along. My hope is that I can help parents in their journey to meeting their new family member and ensure it is exciting and satisfying.

Working with a supportive groups of mummas at Mummas and Beans is a job that gives great satisfaction and enjoyment."

Three counties church 

Linchmere Road
GU27 3QW

The church is located on the junction with Linchmere road and hammer lane. parking available in the church car park on Hammer Lane or outside on the road. 


Grayswood Village Hall

Grayswood Road
GU27 2DJ

The venue is a 5 min drive or 20 min walk from Haslemere high street heading straight out past the Haslemere museum along the A286.

There is plenty of free parking in the car park in front of the venue or alternatively along nearby Lower Road or the Mount which are both just a short walk over the cricket green.


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